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there’s been a slow but steady, and always good, trickle of chris potter shows on dime.  this was the first show of his that i downloaded, back in april 2008 when ‘colors’ shared it there. april 2008!  that seems so long ago now.  anyway, i just downloaded a couple of chris potter shows from last summer, and thought it might be a good time for a mini ‘chris potter fest’ around the house this weekend, starting with this one while i get the upload ready… which it now is.


chris potter
köln, germany
29 april 2001

chris potter – tenor sax, soprano sax
kevin hays – piano
scott colley – bass
brian blade – drums

01 the mind’s eye 13:14
02 high noon 15:10
03 the source 13:38
04 the visitor 15:04
05 eurydice > pelog 22:32
06 sun king 14:11

total time 1:33:48

source: fm
the first few tunes have minor skips from the
taping source–they skip about .5 seconds at a time

sample: t01 the mind’s eye.mp3
download: ChrisPotter_2001-04-29_CologneGermany.zip

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  2. BIG THX!…

  3. Thanks very much!

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