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here’s another show by one of my favorite new york (or perhaps new jersey, see below) italian jazzmen, frank vignola.  mostly i’ve heard shows with only frank vignola & vinny raniolo – and you don’t want to miss one of those! – but here we have that great duo rounded out to a full quintet.

the cover uses a modified photo from albanyjazz.com – i hope they don’t mind

gary mazzaroppi

and looking up those links, i found this site, featuring al caiola, bucky pizzarelli, lou pallo and frank vignola, along with gary mazzaroppi. might just be worth a closer look…


frank vignola quintet
the egg
albany, ny
6 february 2010
100th birthday django reinhardt tribute tour

frank vignola, guitar
vinny raniolo, guitar
gary mazzaroppi, bass
julien labro, accordion
zach brock, violin

set 1
01. stardust 3:27
02. i’m getting sentimental over you 6:07
03. belleville 6:00
04. gypsy mania 6:58
05. introductions 2:57
06. nuages 4:23
07. how high the moon 4:52
08. diminishing blackness 5:42
09. tears > 4:18
10. rhythm futur 4:58

tt: 49:41

set 2
11. la vie en rose 4:14
12. begin the beguine 6:33
13. scheherazade > 4:28
14. flight of the bumblebee 1:50
15. p.s. i love you 1:49
16. atonal medley 1:19
17. limehouse blues 5:12
18. killing me softly with his song 3:55
19. troubland bolero 8:52
20. django tune 8:26
21. django tune 2:11
22. django 5:20

tt: 54:08

total time: 1:43:51

lineage: core sound mics > sony d8 > dat master > cd > flac
nice audience recording, 5th row dead center. enjoy.

on track 1, the crackling at the start is not
a digital flaw; it’s me opening a cellophane candy package.

sample: t13 scheherazade > t14 flight of the bumblebee.mp3
download: FrankVignola_2010-02-06_The Egg_AlbanyNY.zip

  5 Responses to “frank vignola quintet – 6 feb 2010, the egg, albany ny”

  1. !MgMR5yKcwmCmOC1Q6tPp3pl1bt2LlqqYxdVtANtZU0Q

  2. Thanks very much for this wonderful share!!! What an excellent New Year’s present. I agree with you that upstate NY has some great jazz happening in unlikely places such as Utica, Albany and Syracuse. Speaking of which, any more J.R. Monterose around please???

    • glad you like it.

      no more j.r. monterose unfortunately. i do keep an eye out on dime for any…

  3. BIG THX!…

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