Jan 042017

here’s another show by one of my favorite new york (or perhaps new jersey, see below) italian jazzmen, frank vignola.  mostly i’ve heard shows with only frank vignola & vinny raniolo – and you don’t want to miss one of those! – but here we have that great duo rounded out to a full quintet.

the cover uses a modified photo from albanyjazz.com – i hope they don’t mind

gary mazzaroppi

and looking up those links, i found this site, featuring al caiola, bucky pizzarelli, lou pallo and frank vignola, along with gary mazzaroppi. might just be worth a closer look…


frank vignola quintet
the egg
albany, ny
6 february 2010
100th birthday django reinhardt tribute tour

frank vignola, guitar
vinny raniolo, guitar
gary mazzaroppi, bass
julien labro, accordion
zach brock, violin

set 1
01. stardust 3:27
02. i’m getting sentimental over you 6:07
03. belleville 6:00
04. gypsy mania 6:58
05. introductions 2:57
06. nuages 4:23
07. how high the moon 4:52
08. diminishing blackness 5:42
09. tears > 4:18
10. rhythm futur 4:58

tt: 49:41

set 2
11. la vie en rose 4:14
12. begin the beguine 6:33
13. scheherazade > 4:28
14. flight of the bumblebee 1:50
15. p.s. i love you 1:49
16. atonal medley 1:19
17. limehouse blues 5:12
18. killing me softly with his song 3:55
19. troubland bolero 8:52
20. django tune 8:26
21. django tune 2:11
22. django 5:20

tt: 54:08

total time: 1:43:51

lineage: core sound mics > sony d8 > dat master > cd > flac
nice audience recording, 5th row dead center. enjoy.

on track 1, the crackling at the start is not
a digital flaw; it’s me opening a cellophane candy package.

sample: t13 scheherazade > t14 flight of the bumblebee.mp3
download: FrankVignola_2010-02-06_The Egg_AlbanyNY.zip

Mar 162013

this was uploaded to dime as a dvd, back in july 2010.  i’ve been listening to a lot of shows recorded up in schenectady, ny, lately.  i thought that included some shows by frank vignola, and so gave this another listen.  well, i don’t have any shows by frank vignola from schenectady or albany, but it was a really fun show, so i thought it’d go well here.

this is only the audio from the dvd.  i’ve demux’ed it but have left it in the original ac3 format.  i can play that in fooobar2000, no problem, hope you can play .ac3 as well.

apologies for not uploading the entire dvd — it’s much larger than i wanted to upload today.  the show is in a livingroom (see the sharon house concert site), with a fantastic, intimate feel… and that’s just the video.  if i’m ever in that neck of the woods, i’m definitely going to try to catch a show.

frank vignola trio
february 19, 2010 friday
sharon house concerts,
sharon, ma. usa

frank vignola – guitar
vinny raniolo – guitar
gary mazzaroppi – bass

with special guests:
* jason anick – violin
+ george capernaros – guitar
^ lee shapiro – banjo

opening for frank is sharon high school sophomore jordan tetewsky,
a young electric jazz violinist who is starting to show promise.
01. violin solo #1
02. violin solo #2

sharon house concerts presents: the frank vignola trio
first set
01. stardust
02. getting sentimental over you
03. tico tico > stairway to heaven
04. gypsy mania
05. partita no. 2 (j.s.bach) > turkish march (mozart)
06. band intros
07. excerpts from camine
08. excerpts from camine 2
09. scheherazade medley >
10. flight of the bumblebee
11. frank speaks
12. nuages > how high the moon
13. rhythm futur
14. mystery pacific

second set
15. p.s.i love you *
16. swing 42 *
17. limehouse blues *
18. sound of silence *
19. “we’ve got another guest here”
20. minor swing *+
21. blues in e *+
22. are you ready for “in the mood”?
23. in the mood *^
24. misty
25. the world is waiting for the sunrise *

total time – 105:58

dvd ntsc – audio
sony trv460 ntsc camcorder > lg dr787t stand alone dvd burner >
total video converter > mpg2 > tmpgenc authoring works > dvd
> dvd audio extractor demux > .ac3

audience tripod shot with camera audio (sterero condenser mic)
with menu and chapters

camera and post production by “s”.

additional comments by “s” from original seed:
thanks to lee, gloria and zachary shapiro of sharon house concerts
for another amazing evening of music in their living room.

big “thank you” to frank vignola, gary mazzaroppi and vinny raniolo
for an awesome performance and for allowing it to be recorded.
please support the artists. there is nothing like a “live” concert.


please do not buy or sell. trade freely.


sample:  t22 are you in the mood.mp3

download: Invalid download ID.