Jan 152017

i recently bought the 4-cd set young anita, which was a very good idea indeed, but despite that, still put this on this morning.  not a very long set, but anita’s in surprising good form (see taper’s notes below) and it’s a very warm performance.  an added bonus (for me, anyway) is tete montoliu on piano!

the cd cover uses a screenshot from a 10-minute video of the performance.

anita o’day
antibes jazz festival
antibes, france
july 1966

anita o’day, vocals
tete montoliu, piano
erik peter, bass
john poole, drums

1. intro (excerpt from ‘jordu’) (1:13)
2. let’s fall in love (4:05)
3. fly me to the moon (4:35)
4. s’wonderful (2:21)
5. they can’t that away from me (1:21)
6. banter (1:07)
7. tea for two (4:51)
8. outro (0:33)

tt: 20:05

source: fm > goldwave (volume boost, compression > dither to 16b) > media monkey (flac transfer l8)

tapers notes:
anita o’day does a short, 20 min set at the antibes jazz festival, coinciding with the release
of bert stern’s film, “jazz on a summer day.” 1966 was disasterous for her image, found
unconscious in a los angeles office building with a hypodermic needle dangling from her arm.

“three-quarters of the time, i was higher than a kite,” she noted in her memoir, “high times hard

after listening to this bootleg, i wanted to go get some heroin, and see if it would improve my singing.

tapers trade list: http://db.etree.org/mylibbydog

sample:  t07 tea for two.mp3
download: AnitaODay_1966-07-xx_AntibesJazzFestival_Juan-les-PinsFR.zip

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