Aug 092016

took a break today & put all of this together into 1 folder, fixed a few things, etc.  good show & recording, quite long with two sets.  and, for me, good music to listen to while working.  might listen to it again.  it was taped by ‘royboy’, but my copy of the dime tracker doesn’t have the original seeder; guess they’d dropped off dime by the time i downloaded it in 2014.

i’m still a bit to busy for cd covers… but who burns cd’s anymore any how?  still, nice to have a picture of some kind, isn’t it?

benny green
dazzle restaurant & lounge, denver, co
15 june 2013

benny green (piano)
david wong (bass)
kenny washington (drums)

early set

d1t01 introduction
d1t02 benny’s crib
d1t03 don’t scat
d1t04 cactus flower
d1t05 tales of malone
d1t06 priestess
d1t07 certainly
d1t08 ?
d1t09 la portuguesa
d1t10 sonny clark
d1t11 ?

time 1:09:52

late set

d2t01 just a tad
d2t02 kenny drew
d2t03 harold land
d2t04 golden flamingo
d2t05 flying saucer
d2t06 ?
d2t07 ?
d2t08 bish bash
d2t09 time after time
d2t10 bean and the boys
d2t11 pensativa

time 1:27:30

total time 2:37:22

source: core sound binaurals > battery box > edirol r-09 @ 24/44.1
transfer: hd > macbook pro > adobe audition cs6 > xact > flac

taped by royboy

rename & replay gain, august 2016 [by pete]
the early set was mis-named as from the next day, and the entire show was hard to hear.
i corrected the filenames, moved all files into 1 folder, added replay gain & updated the
checksum files.

sample: d2t03 harold land.mp3

  10 Responses to “benny green – 15 june 2013, dazzle restaurant & lounge, denver co, usa”

  1. Hi Pete, Thanks for this, but can you post the decryption key please? Cheers, Thanks, Sphere

  2. rTJnVe4EdYYcob0p4sEL

    i’m testing a new file hosting environment. thanks for any feedback.

    • Hi Pete,

      Seems good so far, thanks – very secure and smooth. Highly recommended for all your .zips, although FF has worked out pretty well. Know you’re busy, though, and very much appreciate all your work on this, for which I (and I hope others) are grateful for all the wonderful music!!!



      P.S. Do you have any more J.R. Monterose in your collection of downloaded items, please?

  3. Dear Mr. Pete

    Thank you for sharing this great live recording. I have downloaded the file above but I cannot listen to the music. Could you please repost it in an alternate format (such as mp3)? I will send a confirmation once I have been able to listen to the music.

    Your sincerely,

    • hi naoaki-san,

      i’m afraid that i only post samples in mp3 format, not full concerts.
      first, you need extract the .flac files from the .zip file. i assume that is not a problem.
      then, you need to convert the .flac files into your format (such as mp3). if you use a pc, then i recommend trader’s little helper for converting files. it is easy to use (here is a tutorial on youtube: ). (similar programs do exist for macs, but i am not familiar with them as i use a pc.)

      good luck,

      • Dear Mr. Pete

        Thank you for your advice. I was able to listen to the music by using foobar 2000 and mp3 converter which you recommended for me. I find out the titles of unknown recordings.

        d1t11 Shiny Stockings (Frank Foster)
        d2t06 Anna’s Blues (Benny Green)
        d2t07 The Shadow of Your Smile (Johnny Mandel)

        I love Benny Green, Kenny Barron and Michel Petrucciani. I’m a great great fan of their passionate, evocative and eloquent music. I would appreciate it if you have any other recordings in your collection. Thank you very much for your effort toward bequeathing great masterpieces.

        Best regards,

        • glad it worked out for you, naoaki-san, and thanks for identifying those titles. i’ll see what else i have by benny green or kenny barron (but i don’t have any michel petrucciani).


  4. […] requested some kenny barron (among other things) on the posting here of a benny green show.  actually, to digress, that show is a bit of a magnet for requests (ok, it now has two…), […]

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