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i noticed this on my main drive this morning and wondered what it was doing there… i thought all the bluegrass had been moved to a backup drive.  i was in the mood for a bit of bluegrass, so i put it on.  but lo and behold, it’s more like “the jazz david grisman” (mostly), and when ‘maxpower’ seeded it on dime, he classified it as jazz.  well, well.  and they did finish up with some bluegrass, in the end.

in washington, dc, back in the 1980s, there was a lot of bluegrass, and wamu-fm had a bluegrass show on every afternoon, which i’d catch the end of , on my drive home.  that was how i got interested in bluegrass, though i don’t listen to much anymore.  there’s a lot to be said for serendipity.

no cover today – just taking a very short break, don’t have the time.

david grisman quintet
winston-salem, north carolina
30 july 1994

david grisman – mandolins, guitar
james kerwin – bass
joe craven – percussion, violin, mandolin
mathew eakle – flute and bass flute
enrique coria – guitar

disc 1 56:59

1. e.m.d.
2. barkley’s bug
3. nature boy
4. dawg’s bull
5. band intros
6. mad max
7. 16/16
8. manha de carnaval
9. svingin’ with svend

disc 2 53:56

1. acousticity
2. janice
3. april’s wedding bossa
4. caliente
5. crowd
6. dawgology
7. band intros, crowd
2nd encore:
8. pigeon roost

source: soundboard > dat x 1

transfer: panasonic sv-3700 > ua-5 > usb > wavelab @[16/48]
mastering in wavelab with izotope ozone 4 dithered to [16/44.1] > cd wave > tlh > flac
transfer and mastering march 22, 2009

sample:  t09 svingin’ with svend.mp3

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