Aug 272016

fig_c_v4i’ve moved the entire blog to its own domain this morning.  it seems to be working fine, so far.

the blog started back in november 2012, almost four years ago, and has had over 175 concerts posted (don’t forget the 22 shows in that big miles in france post!), most of which are currently available.  about time to get its own domain, don’t you think?

“most of which”… um, yes.  i’ve removed all 27 .zip files that i was still hosting here.  around half have been reuploaded elsewhere (as planned for sometime anyway).  until i move the rest, if you get a 404 error like “the requested url /cipjazz/wp-content/uploads/delightful-downloads/… .. .”, just leave a comment & i’ll try to re-upload it for you right away.



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  1. test comment by pete as ‘anonymous’

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