Aug 262016

fronthere’s a lovely little performance from otis brown iii, from late last year.  this is the only show of his as leader that i have, but there are probably a fair few shows with him as a sideman.  edit: in fact, i just downloaded a show with ob3.  there you go.

i’m trying out nero coverdesigner for the first time (covers included if shown on the page, as always).

otis brown iii
duc des lombards
paris, france
23 october 2015 (early set)

otis brown iii, drums
john ellis, tenor saxophone
jerry lžonide, piano
michael olatuja, bass
joanna majoko, vocals

01 (unknown) – 8:56
02 i have a dream – 10:11
03 you are still the one (fades in) – 8:34
04 (unknown) / god is on your side – 12:03
05 when i call – 9:36
06 (unknown) – 11:04
07 blackwell’s message – 9:30

total time 1:09:55

source : tsf, fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact / flac

sample: t05 when i call.mp3

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