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another one that i ran across while tidying up a bit.  this is great!  going to have to put a copy of this in my car.  tried to buy the cd from their website, but i don’t believe they really ship to korea for free & couldn’t find how to contact them.  i’ll try again later…

i was sorry to read on their website that slim richey, the guitarist, passed away in may of this year.  my condolences.  however, the jitterbug vipers are still performing (only in the austin area, in case you need a good reason to go there), but with a new lineup.  and to think that i’ll be in transit through dallas/fortworth next month… no, probably a bit too far to go during my layover. and sarah is also part of the duo kaliyo

the jitterbug vipers
the continental club
austin, texas
13 march 2014

sarah sharp- vocals
slim richey- guitar
francie meaux jeaux- bass
masumi jones- drums

1. intro
2. adder on a ladder (phoebe’s dream) <sarah sharp/kristopher lee wade>
3. banter
4. a viper just the same <sarah sharp/kristopher lee wade>
5. banter
6. what a little moonlight can do <sarah sharp>
7. so high <tab benoit>
8. stuff it <sarah sharp/elizabeth mcqueen>
9. banter
10. billie’s blues <billie holiday>
11. banter
12. that was just the sauce talking <sarah sharp/jacob jaeger>
13. banter
14. who put the benzedrine in mrs murphy’s ovaltine <harry “the hipster” gibson hipster>
15. viper moon <sarah sharp/slim richey>
16. banter
17. dangerous <sarah sharp/katie holmes>
18. undecided <sid robin/charlie shavers>
19. banter/band intros
20. when i get low i get high <marion sunshine>

tt 01:02:43

source 1: audience [rode nt4 stereo mic]
source 2: onstage [apex condenser mic x 2]
source 3: soundboard [main mix]
>tascam dr-680 [44.1khz, 16bitwav]
taped by joshua cain, mixed in audacity by scdegraaf

sample: t06 what a little moonlight can do.mp3

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