Aug 082015

we had a nice and very productive vacation (if not perhaps as relaxing as it might have been), split between spain & ireland.  spain was the productive part, but also, as always, a lot of fun.  so, in honor of spain, here are three shows, all featuring women named carmen, that i listened to over the vacation.

let’s kick this off with carmen lundy, from a quarter-century ago.  it’s an excellent recording (from fm) and a really good performance from this “young american singer” – not so young anymore, but now with a string of albums & still performing.  why not buy a digital download?  (actually, i’ve taken to buying the cd’s and ripping them myself… something about having the cd is nice.)

carmen lundy
bass clef, london

carmen lundy (vcls)
peter ind (bs)
terry disley (pn)
allan ganley (drs)

1. instrumental
2. a time for love
3. all of you
4. do nothin’ till you hear from me
5. everything must change
6. easy to love
7. at the end of a love affair
8. i hear music
9. sophisticated lady
10. love wants to dance
11. there is no greater love
12. the lamp is low
13. dindi


source: recorded off air to tape and converted to flac in magix acl.

sample: t04 Do nothin’ till you hear from me.mp3