Aug 082015

yes, i know that i included a show by carmen mcrae (perugia, italy, from july 1989) in my recent ‘demux three-fer’ back in june, but since i was actually listening to this show over vacation (and since it makes another nice ‘three-fer’ ;-)… not to mention it’s another fantastic show! well, here ya go.  this is a digital fm recording, btw, but at 320kbps i don’t think we should complain to loudly; play it loudly, maybe?  carmen mcrae was older (when this was recorded) than the other two carmens featured today, but was still at the top of her form (and continued performing & recording into the early 1990’s!  wow!). (a fan website, but a very good source of information)

carmen mcrae & trio
festival “berliner jazztage 1975”
berlin, germany
8 november 1975.

carmen mcrae (voc), thomas john ranier (p), harvey john newmark (b),
donald o’bailey (dr).

1 on a clear day (3:14)
2 this masquerade (4:05)
3 ain’t nobody’s business (3:56)
4 star eyes (3:33)
5 a song for you (4:01)
6 no more blues (5:42)
7 them there eyes (3:17)
8 ballad of thelonious monk (4:25)
9 i am here (4:56)
10 you know who you are (6:37)
11 perdido (3:48)

broadcast: rbb kulturradio, september 30, 2011

dvb-c (320 kbps/ 48 khz) > technotrend tt-1501 dvb-c pci card > harddisk.
edits were made with the mp3directcut software.

sample:  t09 i am here.mp3