Apr 082015

we got piano.

this was seeded by nocturnalnph back in april 2010.  in the comments on the dime tracker, one person wrote ‘flanagan is an excellent pianist, i really dig his playing on ‘giant steps’; I don’t know how is the other pianist’, which got the reply ‘”the other pianist” is a jazz legend.’  yeah, well, we all forget names sometimes (no, neither of the people quoted was me, but i’d forget my own name sometimes).

tommy flanagan & hank jones
festival international de jazz de montreal
théâtre st-denis
montreal, quebec, canada
4 july 1986

tommy flanagan – piano
hank jones – piano

1. our delight (tadd dameron) (5:54)
2. jordu (duke jordan) (5:59)
3. autumn leaves (joseph kosma) (9:30)
4. au privave (charlie parker) (8:00)
5. a child is born (thad jones) (7:53)
6. star eyes (don raye) (7:14)
7. blue monk (thelonious monk) (8:34)
8. ladybird (tadd dameron) (7:02)
9. recorda me (joe henderson) (7:31)
10.in a sentimental mood (edward ellington) (6:08)
11.get happy (harold arlen) (5:04)
12.all blues (miles davis) (5:58)

tt= 1:24:47

cbc-fm “jazz beat” live-to-air ‘july 04 1986

fm > tdk-sa90 > pioneer-pt1000(no dolby) > realtekac’97 soundcard > polderbits sound recorder/editor > wavjoiner > wav > flac(7)(asb)

fm master sound quality a+

sample:  t02 jordu.mp3 or stream:

download: TommyFlanagan_HankJones_1986-07-04_Montreal.zip

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