Apr 292015

how can i resist david ‘fathead’ newman and john hicks?  rillenheini seeded a bunch of shows from graz, including this one, recently, and i downloaded most of them, including this performance from 2002.


groove merchant
graz (austria)
18 july 2002

david ‘fathead’ newman (ts,fl,ann)
john hicks (p)
greg skaff (g)
stefan held (elb,ann)
victor lewis (dr)

01. it’s me you’re talking to (w/o newman) – 11:47
02. sunrise – 12:58
03. hard times – 10:50
04. davey blue – 13:58
05. delilah (not complete) – 4:42

lineage: radio steiermark broadcast > dat > cd > hdd > tlh (flac 8)

sound quality: a

sample:  t06 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.mp3

download: GrooveMerchant_2002-07-18_Graz.zip

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