Apr 162015

when i found myself listening to this one a second time in a row, it seemed a likely candidate for a posting here.  again from dime (thanks to smegma0), this january just past.  and a fairly long show too, at almost 2 hours.


george coleman quartet
880 club
hartford connecticut
12 nov 1979

george coleman – tenor sax
harold mabern – piano
jamil nasser – bass
walter bolden – drums

0. introductions 2:34
1. sonnymoon for two 17:19
2. this masquerade/ 17:58
3. what’s going on/ 15:15
4. body & soul 21:18
5. on green dolphin street 24:00
6. summertime 17:51

total time: 1:56:14

lineage: fm (wwuh?) broadcast -> cassette -> <digitization> -> cd -> dbpoweramp rip -> flac -> audacity 2.0.5 for repair -> dime

background [from seeder]:
i got this from a friend i used to go to the 880 club with all the time in the late 70s/early 80s. he recorded this off the radio. i know nothing of the equipment used at any step but this was the lineage.

the transfers my friend made to cd were too hot and were direct from the cassette, it seems, not even edited to remove tape flips! so in audacity i had to reduce the levels, run the “clip fix” routine against the entire recording (one flac file at a time), clean up the start and end of most files (and the middle of some), and normalize. so if i can get my hands on his original cassettes i’ll redigitize them properly and re-distribute this really wonderful show.

songs 2 and 3 cut at the end.

sample:  t2 this masquerade.mp3

download: GeorgeColeman_1979-11-12_880Club_Hartford.zip

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  1. AwwYyCKuUBnfwgW

  2. […] though i posted a george coleman show from 12 nov 1979 back in january this year, i can’t resist posting this one.  it’s a good recording […]

  3. another GEM!…
    BIG THX!…

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