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here’s a bit of new orleans / dixieland jazz for you.  i downloaded this around 5 years ago, and don’t think i’ve listened to it in around 4.95 years.  sound quality is quite good, and it’s a very pleasant show…  kind of laid back if that’s possible.

note that the files are in shorten® (.shn) format; depending on your audio player, you might need to convert it (or change audio player… in which case i suggest foobar2000).

the tremble kids
29th internationale jazzwoche
burghausen, germany
28 march 1998

henri chaix – piano
peter lange – trumpet
werner keller – clarinette, vocals
walter leibundgut – trombone, vocals
peter schmidli – guitar
vinzenz kummer – bass
charly antolini – drums

1 tv – announcer
2 struttin’ with some barbecue
3 beale street blues
4 star dust
5 back home again in indiana
6 st. james infirmary
7 i found a new baby
8 tutti for eddie

tt 42:33

tv-hifi video-master > acoustica wave editor > hd > cd-wav > .mkw > cdr (audio) or cdr (shn)

sample:  t4_stardust.mp3
ooo! tough call!  sample of stardust or st. james infirmary?  what the heck!
t6_st james infirmary.mp3

download:  TrembleKids_1998-03-28_Burghausen.zip

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