Nov 082014

Cecile McLorin Salvant 2014-05-28 pic24aaaaaand another demux.  this was a great show, and one that i think i missed listening too after downloading it from dime in august (seeded by yoyoma88).

as i’ve done for some of the other shows that i’ve demuxed, i’ve included a few screenshots.  maybe someone will make up a cd cover and send it in, who knows?

funny sort of a recording, with huge amounts of dead air at the beginning & end.  but decent enough audio quality, so i converted it to flac & tracked it.  the volume of the performance was all over the place, loud bits, soft bits, loud songs, quieter songs… and when tracking it, i notice a certain amount of clipping on some of the louder bits.  but still a very nice recording, so here you go.

cécile mclorin salvant
ronnie scott’s jazz club
london, uk
28 may 2014

cécile mclorin salvant – vocal
aaron diehl – piano
paul sikivie – bass
peter van nostrand – drums

1 intro by mc (0:58)
2 when rome i do as the romans do (coleman/leigh) (7:08)
3 intro to “nobody” (0:39)
4 nobody ( bert williams) (4:35)
5 spring can really hang you up the most (wolf/ landesman) (5:24)
6 intro to “laugh…” (0:27)
7 laugh clown laugh (lewis-young-fiorito) (9:25)
8 intro to “stepsister’s” (1:15)
9 the stepsisters’ lament (rodgers/hammerstein) (2:13)
10 they say it’s spring (marty clark, haymes) (7:14)
11 intro to “clang clang clang” (0:18)
12 trolley song – “clang clang clang” (blane /garland /martin) (3:40)
13 womanchild (mclorin salvant) (6:27)
14 intro to “he’s gone…” (0:18)
15 he’s gone again (curtis lewis) (13:19)
16 what a little moonlight can do (harry m woods) (11:07)
17 band intros > intro to “i didn’t know…” (0:43)
18 i didn’t know what time it was (rodgers/hart) (6:08)
19 applause > mc > applause (1:30)
20 (encore) goodbye (gordon jenkins) (7:05)
21 applause (0:41)

tt 1:30:35

video source per original seed:
livestream (audio aac-lc, bit rate 320 kbps, sampling rate 48.0 khz, see below)

demux source:
video as above (.flv) > mediacoder 08.32.5660 > audio (.flac) > cd wave editor (tracking) > .flac
mediacoder: audio only, format flac, encoder flac (compression level 5), source auto select, resammple & bit depth both original

the original video had a lot of dead air — around 25 mins at the beginning & around 8 mins at the end. since the audio
portion of the video seemed to be a pretty good quality, and to get rid of the dead air, i converted it into flac… and
then tracked the whole thing since i was at it.

the original seeder, yoyoma88, didn’t give a lot of information: basically just that it was a livestream recorded at ronnie scott’s.

sample:  t12 trolley song (clang clang clang).mp3