Nov 122014

here’s a little something by one of my favorite groups, who i had a chance to see some years ago in dublin, ireland.  bought every cd they had for sale, as one does.  but haven’t had a chance to see them again.  my favorite cd of theirs, which i had before that dublin show, was ‘the masters of groove meet dr. no’, basically an album of covers from dr. no (and, if memory serves, a few other ‘bond’ pieces?).  fantastic.  must be listened to.

masters of groove
bowery ballroom
new york, ny
13 jan 2013

reuben wilson – organ
grant green jr. – guitar
melvin butler – tenor sax
taurus mateen – e. bass
steve hass – drums

01. hot rod
02. orange peel
03. ?
04. bond ii

source: unknown aud > ? > cdr > eac > flac

note: opened for charlie hunter

sample:  t01 hot rod.mp3
streaming sample (i’m trying out jwplayer): [jwplayer mediaid=”954″]