Apr 062014

Art Blakey Manchester 1961.05.06 front thumbnaili was trolling through old shows that i had on one of my various usb drives, stuff that i downloaded from dime in 2007, 2008, looking for something that might be worth reseeding.  my ratio on dime has been gracefully slipping and sliding since we moved to korea, which worries me.  given that i have a ul/dl ratio of 1.19 on over 2 tb of activity, this isn’t a big worry, but still… it was 1.21 back in august when we got here.

anyway (a word that i think i use a lot), i found this phenomenal show, which i downloaded back in 2007 when ricola seeded it.  but i haven’t reseeded it on dime.  why not?  well, it was issued in 2012 on the (spanish?) “head on fire” label, serial hof-71, in a limited edition of 300.  but i’m pretty sure that hof is a bootleg label.  not on any blakey discographies?  a release of only 300 cd’s?  a 2012 release from a label that has no web presence at all?  no, sorry, i don’t think it’s been officially released.  thanks for any further information.

but i don’t want to mess with the nice folks on dime.  so for the time being here it is, here but (just in case) not there.  until i can find out more about head on fire.  if there really is anything to find out.

btw, searching for ‘head on fire’ yielded some interesting and bizarre results.

art blakey and the jazz messengers
free trade hall
manchester, uk
6 may 1961

lee morgan – tp
wayne shorter – ts
bobby timmons – p
jymie merritt – b
art blakey – d

1. it’s only a papermoon 12.34
2. dat dere 8.55
3. are you real 10.40
4. night in tunisia 10.14
5. summit 9.10
6. like someone in love 12.30
7. kozo’s waltz 15.39

source: fm > unknown recording equipment > trade > cd > eac secure modus > flac frontend level 6 > flac
sound: a (really nice fm if you compare it with that age of recording!, listen to mp3 sample)

sample:  02 dat dere sample.mp3

download: Art_Blakey_1961-05-06_Manchester.zip