Oct 212015

this is probably my favorite diana krall show.  super show, great (fm) recording.  this show was part of a week-long john coltrane tribute at the village vanguard, which must have been quite something (i need to see if i can get copies of more shows from that week!).  instead of being “one that i’ve been listening to in my car”, this is “one that i need to put in my car”.  or maybe not… would that do it justice?


diana krall
the village vanguard
new york, new york
28 september 1997

diana krall – piano, vocals
russell malone – guitar
christian mcbride – bass

01. intro 1:51
02. all or nothing at all 8:04
03. my shining hour 9:36
04. talk & intros 2:34
05. i miss you so 5:31
06. how deep is the ocean 7:53
07. lost mind 5:01
08. just you just me 6:21
09. i don’t know enough about you 5:18
10. they can’t take that away from me 5:49
11. dedicated to you 4:12
12. peel me a grape 5:48
13. bessie’s blues 8:19
14. outro music 2:15

wbgo-fm broadcast
from week long john coltrane tribute at the village vanguard

tascam da-20 > tascam cd-rw900
fm > dat master > dat clone > cdr > eac secure >
audacity (edits) > cd wave (tracks) > flac
total time – 78:41

note: low level fm static consistent throughout broadcast

sample:  t05_i_miss_you_so.mp3
download: DianaKrall_1997-09-28_VillageVanguard_NYC.zip

Apr 092014

Diana Krall Hollywood Bowl 2009 f 50pcfeeling like a bit of jazz vocals, i tried to play this show by diana krall (i’d recently downloaded a video of a show by her, so ‘more of the same’ was the watchword of the day).

but this wouldn’t play in foobar2000.  so i had to decode the flacs back to wav (and then re-encode them into flacs again, though i suppose i didn’t have to do that).  then it played fine, so these are the re-encoded flacs.

interestingly, the flac fingerprint files (ffp) on the new flac’s were the same as the old — that makes sense, the ffp’s are on the underlying music not on the files themselves, but i’d never really thought about that.  (of course, i had to make a new md5 file.)

it’s a nice show.  so is the one from the day before (both were uploaded by scooter123).  both shows have almost exactly the same setlist, each with 1 different song (the 7th song, in both shows), so i’m only uploading this one.


diana krall
with the los angeles philharmonic orchestra
live at the hollywood bowl, los angeles california
22 august 2009

diana krall, piano and vocals
robert hurst, bass
jeff hamilton, drums
anthony wilson, guitar

los angeles philharmonic orchestra
conducted by benjamin wallfisch**
conducted by alan broadbent*

0. overture**
1. i love being here with you
2. do it again
3. lets fall in love*
4. band introductions
5. i’ve grown accustomed to his face*
6. banter
7. deed i do
8. banter
9. so nice
10. cheek to cheek
11. quiet nights*
12. banter
14. love letters*
15. banter
16. pick yourself up
17. ps i love you
18. i’m walkin’
19. boy from ipanema*

audience tape
quality a- (some wind noise and crickets)
lineage: schoeps mk4 > nbox > edirol > goldwave (volume boost, compression, 16ms delay and tracking)
> media monkey (flac conversion)

scooter123’s comments:
diana krall needs no introduction. this concert was the second of a two night stand at the historic hollywood bowl, and as a special bonus, with the los angeles philharmonic orchestra. this was from fob dfc, so its a slightly nicer pull than the previous night which i upped last week. i was fearing that the orchestra would get in the way, but they complemented her very nicely. some wind and cricket noise affects what would otherwise be a perfect recording. most of you guys probably don’t like classical, but i through in the overature as track 00, so delete it if you like.

sample:  t03 lets fall in love.mp3

download: Diana_Krall_2009-08-22_Hollywood_Bowl.zip