Apr 222014

fedorai ran across the 100 greatest bootlegs blog recently.  like my blog, it shares only in flac (free lossless audio codec) format, but doesn’t have a lot of jazz.

i don’t claim to be sharing anything that might remotely be described as “the greatest”… just whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

but “100 greatest bootlegs” is a great idea and gets a big tip o’ the hat from me (even if i question the sad dearth of jazz in their selection).  as does the all-to-rare use of flac, so many such blogs sharing low-quality mp3.

also like my site, the 100-greatest blog doesn’t share commercial releases, saying that “the music available for download on this blog has not been released officially by the artists and record companies. If any forthcoming releases contain music available here the links will be removed and the post kept for informative purposes only”.

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