Mar 022013

i’ve been travelling a lot lately, home one week out of the last 5 and out again next week.  getting a bit tired.

anyway, here’s the first of two covers of joni mitchell songs.  this show is a long-time favorite of mine, maria pia de vito singing a number of joni covers.  she has a great voice, well suited (i think) to the songs that she chose.

[update: actually, i just listened to the other show, from central park summer stage in 1999, and i’m not going to upload it.  didn’t really do as much for me as i had remembered, maybe later…]

maria pia de vito, danilo rea & enzo pietropaoli
“so right – a tribute to joni mitchell”
perugia, teatro pavone
15 july 2006

maria pia de vito, vocals; danilo rea, piano; enzo pietropaoli, bass

1. amelia
2. harlem in havana
3. little blue birds (d.rea)
4. god must be a boogie man
5. introduction danilo rea
6. a case of you
7. all i want
8. big yellow taxi
9. woodstock
10. answer me, my love
11. so right (e.pietropaoli)

lineage: rai radio 3 broadcast (21 nov 2006) > sanyo fmt-3510l fm tuner > audigy soundblaster > hd > sound forge 7.0 > cd wave editor > flac frontend (level 6)

sample: t7 all i want.mp3

download: Invalid download ID.

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