Mar 032013

ran across this one in a folder “interesting covers”.  while i don’t remember adding it there, i really enjoyed listening again to the version of “love for sale” and indeed the whole show.  i only played with that “interesting cover” collection for a few months; but for that, this might otherwise have still been overlooked… perhaps i should pick that up again.  be that as it may, it’s a pity this is the only teddy edwards that i have.

teddy edwards
bass clef, hoxton, london
july 1989

teddy edwards, tenor
john pearce, piano
peter ind, bass
mark taylor, drums

1. take the “a” train 9:23
2. april love 8:32
3. love for sale 8:11
4. georgia 10:40
5. undecided 7:49
6. red top 7 :52

total time: 52:35

bbc fm>teac r2r @ 7.5 ips>wave>flac

recorded at the club ran by peter ind for ten years until 1994


sample:  03 love for sale

download: Invalid download ID.

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