Mar 302013

here’s the fantastic eddie palmieri in a show that i downloaded in august 2011, and have listened to quite a bit since, including earlier today in the car back from lille, france.  as my wife said, this isn’t music that anybody could sleep through (and indeed she didn’t).  just the thing for a quick 75 minute flit back north to brussels on a saturday afternoon.  lille itself was lovely despite being cold and often cloudy.  if you find yourself in the north of france, it’s well worth a weekend stay at the very least, and don’t miss the palais des beaux arts.

eddie palmieri & afro caribbean all-stars
north sea jazz festival

eddie palmieri: piano
donald harrison: saxophone
craig handy: tenor saxophone
brian lynch: trumpet
joe santiago: bass
horacio “el negro” hernandez: drums
giovanni hidago: congas

01 intro (in dutch)
02 tin tin deo
03 in walked bud
04 (unknown)
05 adoración

total time: 54:44

lineage: cdr trade > wav > trader’s little helper (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

sample:  03 In Walked Bud


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  1. !Ue9GORPH3ZpwHri7QgU_faTflY1PhuGqYHEHJpXUHlo

  2. Great! Thank you so much !

  3. Great band, sound is outstanding – thanks

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