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mario_14stor_19607_tbigthis is the only thing i’ve ever heard by illinois jacquet (unless we count stuff on the radio where i didn’t know who was playing, i guess).  ‘plaz_restore’ shared it on dime, after doing a lot of work on it (the ‘restore’ part of his moniker isn’t just an empty word, eh?).

no cd cover, but at the moment there’s a cartoon of illinois jacquet for sale in mumbai — it’s surely from this 1994 show.  click on the image to go to the art dealer’s website.

illinois jacquet quintet
bombay jazz festival
bombay (mumbai), india
27 march 1994

illinois jacquet – saxophone, vocals
rolly mullins – trumpet
gray sargent – guitar
larry ham – piano
clyde lucas – drums

fragment a
a1 just in time (7:48)
a2 jumpin’ at the woodside (6:03)
a3 song and dance (5:06)
a4 green bucket (9:20)
a5 body and soul (5:05) //

fragment b
b6 unidentified instrumental (7:05) //

fragment c
c7 flying home (5:31)
c8 one o’ clock jump (5:40) [//end cut]

runtime: 51:42

source: soundboard
lineage: sbd > mcas > cas > cdr > eac-wav > audio restoration > flac(lvl8)
transfer equipment: marantz pmd360 > tascam cd-rw700

sample: c8 one o’clock jump.mp3
download: IllinoisJacquet_1994-03-27_MumbaiIndia.zip

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  2. […] another illinois jacquet show, to keep the mumbai 1994 show company.  i only downloaded this recently, but the torrent was stuck at 99.9% for the longest […]

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