Apr 162022

very generously, lyle mays has a bootlegs page on his website,  so a tip o’ the hat to the bold lyle mays!  (he also has a store, just saying)  that page includes this show, but this version is from an fm broadcast, not mr. mays website.  it’s a great recording of a super pianist, but (as often) i enjoy having more than just piano-bass-drums.  and this show also featured tiger okoshi, billy drewes and joe lovano, so i get my wishes — and how!  maybe that’s why this is my favorite of the three shows with tiger okoshi up here, counting this one.  i could go on, but will stop here!

lyle mays sextet
willow jazz club
somerville, mass. u.s.a.
may 29, 1982 (1st set)

lyle mays: keyboards
tiger okoshi: trumpet
billy drewes: alto and soprano sax
joe lovano: tenor sax
marc johnson: bass
michael dipasqua: drums

1: burnt edges 9:05
2: wordly attutude 8:06
3: band and song introductions 1:15
4: tuduso 13:57
5: mars (tape flip after song ends, spliced) 13:57
6: s’okay 15:53
7: radio announcer closing credits 1:39

runtime: 63:53

live fm broadcast (not pre-recorded)

88.9 wers fm radio (emerson college) >
sansui 8 reciever with wire antenna >
unknown average quality cassette deck (dolby off) >
maxell xli 90 min. master cassette (normal bias) >
played on nak. 300 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb’s aligned) > torrentially yours.

a this and that and those and these
masters of jazz production.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

the broadcast cut into the 1st song.
not sure how much of it is missing,
or if this show has been posted before.
first posted from this fm master tape
in july of 2011.
more from big names in small places.

updated info file april-2022: rearranged details. corrected spelling of billy drewes’ name.

sample: t06 s’okay 256k.mp3
download: LyleMays_1982-05-29_Willow_SomervilleMA.zip

cover: a modified version of the cover to jazz forum magazine (96 edycja polska), from lylemays.com, used without permission

Nov 102018

eliane elias – a perennial favorite.

eliane elias – expanded trio
paraplyen, caféen
vejle, denmark
29 february 2004

eliane elias (p & voice)
marc johnson (b)
satoshi takeishi (dr, electronic)

part 1
1. radio announcement 0:29
2. madagascar (elias) 11:46
3. intro by elias 0:52
4. the time is now (elias) 21:42
5. snow (elias) 10:30
6. desifinado (jobim) [fade out] 13:13

part 2
1. radio announcement 1:18
2. just in time (comden/styne) 7:39
3. dobrado (djavan) 5:04
4. fato consumado (djavan) 4:15
5. don’t ever go away (gilbert/jobim) / where did you go (elias) 6:05
6. the way you look tonight (fields/kern) 11:12
7. waters of march / água de beber (jobim) 7:10
8. só danço samba (moraes/jobim) 4:46
9. ann. by elias 1:53
10. samba trieste (b.powell) 6:06

tt: 1:54:07

source: dvb-c/256 kbps, 44.100 khz, digital stereo > philips cdr765 > adobe audition 3.0 > flac

*taped & transferred by peterw® enjoy!

seeded on dimeadozen july 2008 by peterw, as two separate seeds (part 1 & part 2), now combined into one.

sample: p2t05 don’t ever go away – where did you go.mp3
download: ElianeElias_2004-02-29_VejleDenmark.zip

Jun 152018

here’s that bill evans show from kobe in 1978.  it is very hard to find out anything about this – so much so that i am now asking myself if it was properly labelled in the first place.  on the other hand, i did find a japanese bootleg online, that claims to be this show, and refers to comments in the tape to back it up (it also indicates it was an audience recording).  i’d have ordered that, just out of curiosity, but the japanese website was too hard to navigate for obvious reasons.  the notes below are from when ‘bluenote2005’ shared this on dime in july 2007.

bill evans trio, kobe japan, asia, 1978

source. radio. sound a-

bill evans-p
marc johnson-b
philly joe jones-d

help with set list please.
also track 5 and 8 had a gap of silence. i removed the silence and the tracks play much nicer. i don’t have the software to bridge the tracks together.

01. title 4:15
02. title 6:34
03. title 5:14
04. title 5:35
05a. title 4:53
05b. title 3:22
06. title 7:12
07. title 3:53
08a. tilte 5:35
08b. title 4:58

total 51:37

sample:  track 01.mp3
download: BillEvans_1978-XX-XX_KobeJapan.zip

no covers.