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here’s that bill evans show from kobe in 1978.  it is very hard to find out anything about this – so much so that i am now asking myself if it was properly labelled in the first place.  on the other hand, i did find a japanese bootleg online, that claims to be this show, and refers to comments in the tape to back it up (it also indicates it was an audience recording).  i’d have ordered that, just out of curiosity, but the japanese website was too hard to navigate for obvious reasons.  the notes below are from when ‘bluenote2005’ shared this on dime in july 2007.

bill evans trio, kobe japan, asia, 1978

source. radio. sound a-

bill evans-p
marc johnson-b
philly joe jones-d

help with set list please.
also track 5 and 8 had a gap of silence. i removed the silence and the tracks play much nicer. i don’t have the software to bridge the tracks together.

01. title 4:15
02. title 6:34
03. title 5:14
04. title 5:35
05a. title 4:53
05b. title 3:22
06. title 7:12
07. title 3:53
08a. tilte 5:35
08b. title 4:58

total 51:37

sample:  track 01.mp3
download: BillEvans_1978-XX-XX_KobeJapan.zip

no covers.

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  1. !xR9DMNvnR9Zwg5I6ipIxjpi_lswlQjpXgHDuqi0Taz0

  2. Thanks for Bill.

  3. olá
    just my favorite pianist
    thanks a million

  4. Hi Pete, Being a bit of an Evans fan I thought I had to investigate this and I’ve listened to it. I can confirm that the tracks are indeed:

    01: Morning Glory  
    02: Up With The Lark  
    03: Turn Out The Stars
    04: I Should Care
    05: I Do It For Your Love  
    06: Someday My Prince Will Come 
    07: Minha (All Mine) 
    08: Nardis

    Of the 10 songs, Nardis is divided into 2 (8a/8b) and ends early during the drum solo; I Do it For Your Love spans 5a/5b. No sign of the items in CD2 of the bootleg that’s online, which is a shame…

    • thanks, charlie. i was rather hoping one of you might make the effort. i’m rubbish at identifying songs, even if i can whistle the tune.


  5. Thank you for sharing this show (and all the others). I love your site!

  6. Wonderful, thanks so much for this rarity!

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