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Ahmad Jamal 2002-04-18 CD Front Insertin 2002, ahmad jamal played three nights in a row at the regattabar in cambridge, ma, which were all shared on dime by ‘microburst’ back in may 2012.  they’re very good recordings, and a lot of music: the first night is just under two hours, and the next two nights are around 2hrs 45mins each, as ahmad jamal played two sets each night.  here’s the first night, 18 april 2002 — stay tuned for the 19th & the 20th.

ahmad jamal trio
the regattabar
cambridge, ma
18 april 2002 both sets

ahmad jamal-piano
james cammack-bass
james johnson-drums

no setlist

tt 1:56:43

schoeps mk4 >reutelhuber box(2k1 model) > mod. sbm-1 > d8 @44.k;
r500 > za2 > soundforge 4.5 > cdwav > shn (original dat > shn 04/20/2002) > flac (shn > flac 05/30/2012)

the band played 2 sets but the venue only charged for a single show (i.e., no early and late shows).

sample: ahmad jamal 2002-04-18 d1 t05.mp3

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  1. Hi Peter, Thanks for these – Mega seems to require a decryption key please. What would that be? Kind Regards, Sphere

  2. !i4Y0AV5SYsAw7KTf0BiPLP8HKyx28wVrQL_8U0huKgA

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