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well, i was going to upload something completely different a day or two ago, but the flacs turned out to be corrupt!  i was able to decode them to wav, and then i said ah to hell with it.  instead, here’s one of several james moody shows that i’ve been listening to since.  i could listen to this all day.  these are just fun shows, between the music (‘natch!), and the sense of humour that comes through so well.  of course, i’m a sucker for a cheap laugh, being practically weaned on p.g. wodehouse.  ok, those are perhaps more dry than cheap, but be that as it may, it was hard to pick, so we’re going for the longest of the james moody shows on offer — sure, you have a better tie-breaker?

james moody
jcf theater
skidmore college
saratoga springs ny
26 june 2007

james moody,ts,voc
renee rosnes,p
todd coolman,b
adam nussbaum,dr

01 invitation 17:23
02 body and soul 10:53
03 ann jm 1:31
04 gingerbread boy/giant steps 11:15
05 “bennies” from heaven (jm,voc) 11:13
06 ann jm 1:25
07 con alma 11:02
08 moody’s mood for love (jm,voc) 4:02
09 st. thomas (theme) 2:22

tt 71:12

dsbd> cdr>cool edit pro 16-441
sound quality is ex enjoy!!!!!


sample: t07 con alma.mp3
download: JamesMoody_2007-06-26_SaratogaSpringsNY.zip

  3 Responses to “james moody – 6 june 2007, skidmore college, saratoga springs, ny”

  1. dzucruedmg

  2. Don’t know what you were working on, but this’ll do just fine. Much appreciated.

  3. Hi Pete, Corrupt .flacs – or alternative facts??? Confirms all my suspicions…no, seriously, as to the music, you can’t listen to it without feeling good about life. Moody does that to you – belies his name – and carries his music off with aplomb, good humour, good musicianship, and concern with pleasing the audience while playing some serious jazz. Took a couple of jazz-agnostics to see him in New York years ago, earlier in the year of 9/11, and they thought he was great. He does all his old war horses and tells all the same jokes, but it all works, and he fizzes with life so he carries it off…wonderful stuff, and love to hear the other Moodys (Moodies?) when you’re in the…mood. Cheers, MonkSpheres

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