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piano & guitar is a great combination.  and then when you add in harry sweets edison & james moody on a few tracks…


gene harris quartet
oakland, ca
1 january 1999

gene harris – piano
luther hughes – bass
paul kreibich – drums
frank potenza – guitar

special guests:
harry “sweets” edison – trumpet (tracks 7, 11, 13)
james moody – tenor saxophone (tracks 7, 13), flute (track 9)

disc 1 (tt: 1h2m6s)
01. announcer (52s)
02. introduction (1m47s)
03. this masquerade (10m10s)
04. talk (2m39s)
05. you don’t know me (9m37s)
06. talk (4m46s)
07. blue monk (10m2s)
08. talk (2m19s)
09. wave (9m4s)
10. talk (3m49s)
11. mean to me (6m57s)

disc 2 (tt: 13m30s)
01. talk (41s)
02. bluesology (11m25s)
03. talk and applause (1m23s)

tt 1:15:37 (of which 57:16 is music)

audience recording (unknown microphone) > minidisc > cd >
asunder 2.7 (cdparanoia) > audacity 2.0.6 > flac

sample: d1t03 this masquerade.mp3
download: GeneHarris4tet_1999-01-13_Set2_Yoshis_OaklandCA.zip

no covers.

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    updated: just past half way, right after e4QG1xGb there were two dashes, which are being interpreted as a long dash by wordpress. using the code tag seems to have fixed that, so use this version

  2. Hi Pete, Thanks very much for this and can’t wait to hear it!!! However, the decryption key is invalid, according to Mega…I’m still stuck in the crypt! Kind Regards, MonkSphere

  3. thanks lads! the key has been corrected above.


  4. sorry. i was anxious to ear the full concert …

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