Dec 032016

von-freeman-1977-08-15-amsterdam-front-coverwell, i still felt like a bit of von freeman and, great as the tommy flanagan shows were, there wasn’t a lot of von freeman in it, was there?  so here’s a two day run in amsterdam from 15-16 aug 1977 (from an ubu seed on dime in 2009, which i’ve also reseeded there a little while ago).

von freeman quartet
amsterdam (nl), de kroeg

von freeman – tenor sax
john young – piano
david shipp – bass
charles walton – drums

august 15, 1977

1. on green dolphin street (24:10)
2. everything happens to me (15:59)
3. limehouse blues (9:31)
4. violet for your furs (8:14)
5. unknown (18:26) [cut/gap @ 1:39-1:40]

tt: 76:22

sound: a- (b+ on #5)
source: audience recording
lineage: aud > ? > cdr in trade (jazzrita) > cool edit pro > flac (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

deleted glitches around marks
added fade-outs/fade-ins

#1 was mis-identified as “autumn leaves”
#2 is one i can’t pin down – “you’re my everything”?
#5 is a blues

additional comments: setlist partially completed, per comments on dime tracker.

august 16, 1977

1. (13:39)
2. (14:18)
3. on green dolphin street (12:07) [omit vf]
4. (6:22)

1. (26:32)
2. i’ll remember april (12:05) [inc, cut]
tt (amsterdam show): 85:17

sound: a- (cd1#1 in mono)
source: audience recording
lineage: aud > ? > cdr in trade (jazzrita) > eac (secure, log) > cool edit pro > flac (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::
split up announcement vf to end of cd1#2 and beginning of cd1#3
split up announcement vf to end of cd1#3 and beginning of cd1#4
added fade-out at end of cd1#4
deleted glitch, added fade-in at beginning of cd2#1
cd2#1: pasted the left channel into the right one, which was fading in slowly and got very hissy when the volume was boosted.

15aug – t3 limehouse blues.mp3



Dec 022016

vf-jm-tf-1983-08-12-amsterdam-front-coveri was in the mood for listening to a bit of von freeman, and ended up on a bit of a tommy flanagan kick, listening to all three days of this tommy flanagan trio + guests run from 1983.  coming back to von freeman, here’s the full show from the 2nd day, when von freeman & james moody join the tf trio.

tommy flanagan trio with von freeman & james moody
international jazz festival amsterdam (de meervaart)
amsterdam, netherlands
friday, 12 august 1983

tommy flanagan trio: tommy flanagan (p), rufus reid (b), billy hart (d)
von freeman & james moody (ts)

set 1 – tommy flanagan trio

06 announcements
07 confirmation
08 the intimacy of the blues
09 monk medley – thelonica (incomplete)
10 relaxin’ at camarillo

set 2 – tommy flanagan trio with von freeman & james moody

01 announcements
02 take the a train * #
03 the preacher * #
04 announcements
05 my little brown book *
06 i remember you *
07 announcements
08 like someone in love
09 announcements
10 yesterdays #
11 freedom jazz dance #
12 announcements
13 i’ll remember april * #
14 announcements

* with von freeman
# with james moody
fm > tape > recording, tracking and editing wav file in audacity > cd-r > wav > tlh (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

audio quality:
a- (fm)

the tommy flanagan trio at the international jazz festival amsterdam (de meervaart), thursday
through saturday, august 11-13, 1983. the trio acted as the festival’s “trio in residence”.
the trio had several guests passing through on these three days: guitarists herb ellis & emily
remler (august 11); tenor saxophonists von freeman & james moody (august 12); and trombonists
buster cooper & al grey (august 13).

before the sets with guests, the trio had their own sets. dutch radio broadcasts: all three
concerts were recorded and later aired in more than 10 separate broadcasts. radio announcements
by the late michiel de ruyter.

these were originally seeded in 4 separate seeds on dime: all the trio tracks of the three
successive nights in one separate upload of the tommy flanagan trio; and a separate seed for
the performances with the guests on each night. (the trio seed included “like someone in love”,
set 2 track 8 above, as it featured only the trio.)

this has been repackaged to present the entire performance from 12 aug 1983, with set 1 by
the trio, and set 2 by the trio with von freeman and james moody.

these notes have largely been copied from the original seeder’s notes.

sample: t03 thepreacher.mp3
download: VonFreeman_James