Jan 132019

i was looking for a show by a different billy, which seems to be missing, and ended up listening to this.  tantalizingly, the info file says “disc one”.  where is disc two?  anyway, this performance was just 3 weeks before billy harper (& this same lineup) recorded black saint, which includes “croquet ballet”.  maybe the missing disc two includes “dance, eternal spirits, dance!” and “call of the wild and peaceful heart”…

billy harper quintet
laren, the netherlands
july 3, 1975

billy harper, tenor saxophone
virgil jones, trumpet
joe bonner, piano
david friesen, bass
malcolm pinson, drums

disc one
d1t01 priestess  [0:26:01]
d1t02 capra black [0:19:27]
d1t03 croquet ballet [0:11:19]

tt 56:46

source: fm broadcast > ? > flac compression level 8

sample: t03 croquet ballet.mp3
download: BillyHarper_1975-07-03_LarenNetherlands.zip

May 282015

as i’ve been restoring from backups, i’ve been listening to a lot of old buried stuff… today, it was a fine billy harper show from march 1992… or maybe march 1993, there was some question about that on the dime tracker page.  be that as it may, ‘kinebee’ wasn’t kidding when he said it was great.


billy harper
sydney, australia

billy harper-tnr
kim patterson-tpt
mike nock-p
lloyd swanton-b
malcolm pinton-dr

1 illumination
2 trying to make heaven my home
3 if one could only see
4 soran bushi bh
5 insight
6 priestess

tt 1:18:54

sample:  billy harper 1992-03 t01 illumination.mp3

download: BillyHarper_1992-03-xx_SydneyAustralia.zip

Feb 072015

well, after that last post i took a bit of a breather.  but now it’s a new month, so maybe time for some new music up here.

there was a period around 2 or 3 years ago when i played this show in my car a lot.  noticed it on the hdd this morning, when i was randomly looking for something to play… so here it is.  i got this when jazzrita seeded it on dime back in mid-2009.


kenyatta beasley sextet – a tribute to lee morgan
ndr jazzworkshop,
hamburg, germany
13 nov 2008

kenyatta beasley,tp
howard johnson,tu
billy harper,ts
boris netsvetaev,p
philipp steen,b
kai bussenius,dr
lee morgan,comp

1 kenyatta / announcement bh 16:44
2 ceora / announcement bh 17:04
3 search for the new land / announcement bh 24:30
4 capra black (bh,comp) / announcement bh 13:01
5 title 9:32
6 announcement speaker 0:29

tt 81:22

lineage: rete2 > received with satellite > tracked with wavelab > flac > dime
sound rating: a

uploaded by jazzrita 09-07-05

i have shorted the applaus a bit, because now the item fits on one cd!!

sample:  t5 (title not known).mp3

download:  KenyattaBeasleySextet_2008-11-13_Hamburg.zip