May 282015

as i’ve been restoring from backups, i’ve been listening to a lot of old buried stuff… today, it was a fine billy harper show from march 1992… or maybe march 1993, there was some question about that on the dime tracker page.  be that as it may, ‘kinebee’ wasn’t kidding when he said it was great.

billy harper
sydney, australia

billy harper-tnr
kim patterson-tpt
mike nock-p
lloyd swanton-b
malcolm pinton-dr

1 illumination
2 trying to make heaven my home
3 if one could only see
4 soran bushi bh
5 insight
6 priestess

tt 1:18:54

sample:  billy harper 1992-03 t01 illumination.mp3


  5 Responses to “billy harper – march 1992 (or 1993?), sydney, australia”

  1. Six tracks listed but only five in the zip?

    • hah! i had not noticed that. looking at the comments on the dime tracker back in the day, there was one comment from ‘bombdiggity’ that i’d not noticed (see below). bottom line: that’s how i got it. i’ll give it a listen, see if that clarifies things (probably not or you’d have mentioned 2 songs in one track).

      FWIW, Track “1” is the end of a show (“Priestess”). Perhaps this is from more than one show since he says they’ll be back for another weekend, or it is rearranged. I thought that could explain the ambiguous date but then notice that the set list provided does not reflect the tracks included (5 tracks but 6 songs). I don’t know if it came that way or an accident happened?

      • Thanks for the guidance. Actually, my DAC has been on the fritz, so I haven’t been able to listen yet. It’s up and running again, so I am working my way through the backlog of stuff I downloaded without listening. It’s next on the playlist.

        • Just listened. Track 1 seems to end abruptly in the middle of a piano solo and track 2 seems to start in the middle of what sounds to me like the same solo, so I think that tracks 1 and 2 both are “Priestess.” Track 3 is “Illumination.” Track 4 is “Trying to Make Heaven My Home.” Track 5 is “Soran Bushi BH.” The other two listed two tunes — “If One Could Only See” and “Insight” either are unannounced and part of a medley or absent from the recording.

          The performance is wonderful, typical Harper stuff. I didn’t know Kim Paterson (not Patterson) before this jam, but he acquits himself terrifically.

        • well done you! i gave it a listen also but kept getting distracted. multitasking… hmm. anyway, thanks for that additional info & glad you liked the recording.

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