Jun 192020

here’s what i’m listening to just this minute.  it’s another fair sized group — this is not an intentional theme, btw  — but i think quite different to the last two.  no tracking on this, as it’s a video demux (so .ac3 format), but i haven’t seen many good places to break it into tracks (plus: the hassle!).  so enjoy it as i am:  as one continuous performance.

btw, if you like a midsummer night’s dream, and i most certainly do, check out the globe theatre production, available on youtube until the 28th.

michele rosewoman and new yor-uba
jazz jamboree
warsaw, congress hall
(warszawa, sala kongresowa),
october 26, 1984

michele rosewoman – piano, vocal
olu femi mitchell – vocal
baikida carroll – trumpet, flugelhorn
rasul siddik – trumpet, flute
oliver lake – alto sax, soprano sax, flute
john stubblefield – tenor sax
howard johnson – baritone sax, tuba, penny whistle
bob stewart – tuba
kelvyn bell – guitar
anthony cox – bass
pheeroan aklaff – drums
gene golden – percussion
eddie bobe – percussion, vocal
eddie rodriquez – percussion, vocal

no setlist

tt: 1:03:59

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

lineage: tvp kultura rebroadcast > digital satellite > hdd > dvd

pro pal dvd
menu and chapters

video attributes:
compression mode: mpeg-2
tv system: 625/50 (pal)
aspect ratio: 4:3
picture resolution: 720×576
frame rate: 25
bitrate: 9830 kbps

audio attributes:
sampling rate: 48 khz
bitrate: 448 kbps

demux additional lineage:
as above > ffmpeg (copy audio) > separate .ac3 audio file

sample: sample 13-00 to 20-00.mp3
download:  MicheleRosewoman_1984-10-26_WarsawPoland_demux.zip

Feb 072015

well, after that last post i took a bit of a breather.  but now it’s a new month, so maybe time for some new music up here.

there was a period around 2 or 3 years ago when i played this show in my car a lot.  noticed it on the hdd this morning, when i was randomly looking for something to play… so here it is.  i got this when jazzrita seeded it on dime back in mid-2009.


kenyatta beasley sextet – a tribute to lee morgan
ndr jazzworkshop,
hamburg, germany
13 nov 2008

kenyatta beasley,tp
howard johnson,tu
billy harper,ts
boris netsvetaev,p
philipp steen,b
kai bussenius,dr
lee morgan,comp

1 kenyatta / announcement bh 16:44
2 ceora / announcement bh 17:04
3 search for the new land / announcement bh 24:30
4 capra black (bh,comp) / announcement bh 13:01
5 title 9:32
6 announcement speaker 0:29

tt 81:22

lineage: rete2 > received with satellite > tracked with wavelab > flac > dime
sound rating: a

uploaded by jazzrita 09-07-05

i have shorted the applaus a bit, because now the item fits on one cd!!

sample:  t5 (title not known).mp3

download:  KenyattaBeasleySextet_2008-11-13_Hamburg.zip