Apr 072022

a bit of an unexpected break there due to covid, but i’m feeling much better now.  here’s another one that’s been lurking in the archives, waiting for the right moment, and it certainly found it!  love the lineup, a great show and a long performance (which is always nice in a great show, but not necessarily a defining characteristic).  there’s another show with tiger okoshi up here, if you’re a tiger fan (and you should be).  looking ahead, it might be a bit slow up here over the next month or so, as i’ll be travelling quite a bit, but i’ll see what i can do.

bob moses quintet
berlin, germany
2 nov 1984

bob moses – drums
tiger okoshi – trumpet
bob mintzer – tenor sax
bill frisell – guitar
jerome harris – bass

01.overture (3:40)
02.monktional (5:47)
03.the edge of need (10:29)
04.talk (2:04)
05.the story of moses (23:46)
06.talk (1:21)
07. ju ju eyes (21:05)
08.talk (0:48)
09.without you i’m like bow without an arrow (4:02)
10.unknown (9:47)

tt 1:22:50

cd-r recived in trade > exact audio copy > soundforge >
cd wave editor > traders little helper > flac

audio was was re-tracked.
song titles as given by bob moses on recording.

sample: t03 the edge of need 256k.mp3
download: BobMoses_1984-11-02_BerlinGermany.zip

photo:  screenshot from video rakalam bob moses – living music 2 on youtube.

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  1. afecujldme

    update 8-apr: the link is now fixed.

  2. no file attached to the download link …try it please ..& fix it please ”You must attach a file to this download.” …this is what the download link says…THX!…

  3. Sorry to learn about the covid, but glad the hear you’re doing better. Thx agn.

  4. “You must attach a file to this download.” ???

  5. i’ve fixed the link!

  6. HUGE THX!…

  7. Great! Thank you, Pete!

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