Dec 182021

you often wonder about the names of groups, where they come from, what they mean, and i’m left wondering in this case.  anyway, a good show for these short, grey days, a bit slow and somber at times.  the white russian 5tet cd was zerafa’s first cd as leader.

sandro zerafa white russian 5tet
studio charles trenet, radio france
paris, france
5 february 2011

sandro zerafa (guitar)
olivier zanot (alto sax)
david prez (tenor sax)
yoni zelnik (double bass)
david georgelet (drums)

01 goose 6:20
02 intro 1:17
03 delightfully disconnected 7:12
04 slowness 6:35
05 intro 0:14
06 sidewalk slant 7:26
07 untimely 6:37
08 intro 0:27
09 siberian pig race 6:35
10 staring 4:33
11 intro 0:29
12 moose 5:03

tt 52:48

dvb-s > skystar2 > kaffeine (mp3 256 kbs, 48 khz) > xcfa (wav conversion) > wavelab > flac (level 8)
broadcast : jazz sur le vif, france musique, 26 feb 2011

sample: t03 delightfully disconnected 256k.mp3

  4 Responses to “sandro zerafa white russian 5tet – 5 feb 2021, studio charles trenet, paris, france”

  1. desoxjlrit

  2. olá
    it seems there is no file attached to the link, at least that was the message while triyng to download
    thanks a million

    • i’ve fixed it now. not sure what i did, but i did it again, and had to fix it (like, properly) again.


  3. BIG THX!…

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