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i think the band was a version of the lineup on ‘mellow madness’ (1975), based on a japanese bootleg version of this (details in the info file), but possibly the entire crew as the lineup included “and other unknown members”.  super quality, i didn’t notice the fm crackling, but then if you’re “multitasking”, nothing gets done right, eh?  i’ve redone the info file (the full file is in the zip, not below), including comparing the tracks to albums by quincy jones at around the same time.

the quincy jones band
midnight hour music
clover studios
hollywood, california
1975 (exact date unknown)

lineup: unknown, see comments in updated info file

1 tryin’ to find out about you *     (3:12)
2 soul saga (song of the buffalo soldier) %     (4:12)
3 listen (what it is) *     (4:13)
4 ironside theme     (4:09)
5 if i ever lose this heaven % #     (5:09)
6 everthing must change %     (6:19)
7 manteca (instrumental) (tape damage)     (10:15)
8 is it love that we’re missin’ * #     (5:37)
9 boogie joe the grinder %     (4:57)

tt 48:03
% on “body heat” (1974)
* on “mellow madness” (1975)
# on “i heard that!!” (1976)

broadcast on kwst-fm in los angeles

source: unknown receiver > unknown reel (1975-allen) > teac 4070g @ 3 3/4 ips (1976-me) > sony dtc-690 (1996)
2010 transfer: sony dtc-690 > audigy 4 pro > audacity (edit and convert to 44.1) > cd wav > flac (levl 8)

a low level crackling from poor over the air fm reception is present in places but not very distracting.
allen tarzwell recorded this on his reel-reel and i made a copy on my reel-reel.
transfered to dat in the 1990’s.
lots of little pops were repaired some remain,
one second of damaged tape was removed at 29:56 and about 1/2 second at 30:15,
then the volume and balace adjustemnt all were all done using audacity.
couldn’t track down all the correct song titles.
also there was no exact date noted anywhere but i am almost certain it was from 1975.
mike martin 9/2010
flying m productions

recorded by fans and shared with fans
trade freely but never sell

sample: t02 soul saga (song of the buffalo soldier) 256k.mp3

image: from the 2011 seed on dime by ‘mvernon54’; i assume that mvernon54 made the covers.

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  1. gluxduipco

  2. Brill, Pete, thanks – from the days when Q was still doing jazz of a sort…

  3. Thanks, pete!

  4. Merci beaucoup, Pete !

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