Sep 022021

always nice to hear a jacky terrasson show, and here’s one with a little bit of icing on the cake:  stefano di battista and severi pyssalo on two tracks near the end.

i got this version in 2003 when ‘maddrax’ shared it on dime, but the cover is from a version posted on the (apparently now defunct) blog in jazz – and is not in the .zip file.

jacky terrasson trio
feat. stefano di battista + severi pyssalo
‘jazz baltica’
salzau, germany
01 july 2001

jacky terrasson – piano
sean smith – bass
leon parker – drums
* severi pyysalo – vibraphone
# stefano di battista – sax

1 les chemins de l’amour (6:46)
2 reach (8:50)
3 i wish you love (7:16)
4 parisian thoroughfare (8:46)
5 the dolphin (6:15)
6 happy man (7:33)
7 in your own sweet way (8:15) *
8 caravan (15:53) * #
9 nature boy (4:21)

tt 1:13:56

tv-broadcast>hifi video-master>acoustica wave editor>hd>cdwav>flac frontend level 8>cdr (audio) or cdr (flac)

sample: t07 in your own sweet way 256k.mp3
download: JackieTerrasson_

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  1. kjczxdorjy

  2. Wow, can’t wait to hear this one! Merci, Pete!

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