Jun 132021

here’s a couple of shows by jasper van’t hof, first a very short show at the berlin jazzfest with archie shepp that i downloaded back in 2014, which i really loved (are we back to the “duo” theme?), and then, being in a jasper mood, an older solo show which was on dime last month.  of these, the first track with archie shepp, revolution (mama rose) is definitely my favorite, but i think i prefer the solo concert overall.  looking online for more about the berlin show, i found a fascinating interview with archie shepp by accra shepp, his son.

jasper van’t hof – archie shepp
jazzfest berlin
berlin, germany
1 nov 2014

jasper van’t hof, pipe organ
archie shepp, sax, voice

1 – radio intro with interview – 3:19
2 – revolution (mama rose) – 12:07
3 – harlem nocturne – 9:41
4 – naima – 8:15 [encore]

total time: 33:22

tracks 1,2 and 4 (320 kbps)
rbb kulturradio
date: 2014-11-02

track 3 (256 kbps)
date: 2014-11-02

dvb-s > digital satellitereceiver humax pvr8000 > mp2
mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo; 256/320 kbps
audioeditdeluxe > wav > jetaudio > flac compress level 8

recorded and edited by lewojazz


jasper van’t hof
debrecen jazz days
debrecen, hungary
5 sept 1979

jasper van’t hof – piano, keyboards

01. untitled 12:38
02. untitled 8:58
03. untitled 11:42
04. untitled 8:45
05. untitled 1:45
06. untitled 7:28
07. untitled 10:12
08. untitled 7:55
09. untitled 6:39
10. untitled 2:08

tt 1:18:10

lineage: sbd source > tape > (received in trade) 2.5″ hdd > eac flac frontend level 8


berlin t2 revolution (mama rose) 256k.mp3
debrecen t01 untitled 256k.mp3


the image is thumbnail of an undated photo from a listing on ebay, which i can no longer even find.

  3 Responses to “jasper van’t hof – w/archie shepp, 1 nov 2014, berlin germany & solo 5 sept 1979 debrecen, hungary”

  1. izabaytphg
    for both shows

  2. Thanks very much, Pete!!!

  3. Many thanks for both concerts! I love Jasper (and Archie of course) and I love pipe organ too!

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