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this performance appears to have been sort of half way through the middle of recording tall tales and dreams, which included all the same musicians (and a few more), and perhaps some of the same songs. “nowjazz meeting” is in the info file… at first i thought that was a typo (“newjazz”?), but now i’m not so sure. there’s not much out there on the internet on this particular show.

be all that as it may, the lads have a serious groove going here sometimes, with the slow sound of that bass clarinet and goodman’s hypnotic guitar, you could just put it on a loop, with a nice counter punch from the faster tracks. definitely need to check out tall tales and dreams

geoff goodman quartet
‘swr nowjazz meeting’
karlsruhe, germany
24 feb 2005

geoff goodman – guitar
rudi mahall – bass clarinet
andy kurz – bass
peter perfido – drums

1 fm – host 0:19
2 the new andy 6:55
3 who is heinz 7:09
4 stomping at the savoy 4:54
5 strip poker 7:46
6 fm – host 0:15

tt 27:17

fm-master > acoustica wave editor > hd > cdwav > flac, level 8 > cdr (audio) or cdr (flac)

sample: t02 the new andy 256k.mp3
download: GeoffGoodman_2005-02-24_KarlsruheGermany.zip

image from geoff goodman’s website.

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