Jun 182021

sadly for us, josé miguel lopez, the host of discópolis & discópolis jazz, is about to retire, after an unbelievable 44 — that’s forty-count-em-four — years with radio nacional de españa and over 11,300 discópolis shows (including the discópolis jazz shows). i’m not sure what will take over that slot in the rne radio 3 schedule, hopefully something along the same lines. this sunday is the last broadcast of ‘discópolis jazz’ before he retires.

adios, josé miguel, ¡un abrazo muy fuerte!

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  1. is it possible to recover the shows from him during the long years he made that radio broadcast (at least some of them) …very important ones i recon …if yes please try …GREATFUL TO Jose and Peter for the oportunity to enjoy some of them … (in Portugal Vilas-Boas had one of the biggest VYNIL collections JAZZ world wide …radio man also) …

    • discópolis jazz is at https://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/discopolis-jazz/, and i read that all discópolis jazz shows are available (it lists 598), finishing with # 11,353.

      for the original discópolis, at https://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/discopolis/, which includes jazz before discópolis jazz was differentiated & sometimes afterwards as well, the blog says that 3,155 shows are available going back to 7-may-2008. adding the 598 mentioned above, that’s 3,753. so who knows where the remaining 7,600 shows are… 34 years of discópolis would take us back to 1987? i suspect that the answer is as simple as “when they started putting stuff online”, and the rest is all sitting in an rtve vault somewhere.

      careful with older shows — they started posting shows at 128kbs mp3 and at some point upgraded to 256kbs mp3.

      i’ve listened to a lot of the shows, and aside from the music, josé miguel’s comments are always interesting (& probably good practice for me too… the only spanish i’ve heard in 15 months).


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