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i was browsing through the bottom end of the alphabet and ran across this show from walter blanding, someone i know of only from googling him just now.  from his facebook page, it looks as if he’s (still) with the lincoln center jazz orchestra & that he’s just recorded a new album.  comments below, including a short bio, are from ‘relyles’ seed on dime in early 2012.


walter blanding
may 23, 2011
duc des lombards, paris, france

radio broadcast -> cdr trade -> eac -> wav -> tlh -> flac

walter blanding – tenor saxophone
dan nimmer – piano
carlos henriquez – bass
ali jackson – drums

01. do you mind (dan nimmer) – 11:22
02. unknown title – 7:56
03. i got you- 7:07
04. emind? (walter blanding) – 8:30
05. unknown title – 6:54
06. modern day blues (dan nimmer) – 10:02
07. nilda (carlos henriquez) – 9:06
08. late – 8:42
09. unknown title – 6:19

total time = 76:01

walter blanding (tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet) was born on august 14, 1971 in cleveland, ohio to a musical family and began playing the saxophone at age six. in 1981, he moved with his family to new york city, and by age 16, he was performing regularly with his parents at the village gate. mr. blanding attended laguardia high school for music & art and the performing arts and continued his studies at the new school for social research. mr. blanding lived in israel for 4 years, where he had a major impact on the music scene, inviting great artists such as louis hayes, eric reed and others to perform. he also taught in several israeli schools and toured the country with his ensemble. during this period, newsweek described him as “jazz’s ambassador to israel.” his first recording, tough young tenors, was acclaimed as one of the best jazz albums of 1991. since then, he has performed or recorded with many artists, including cab calloway, the wynton marsalis septet, marcus roberts, illinois jacquet, eric reed, roy hargrove and others. his latest release, the olive tree, features fellow members of the jazz at lincoln center orchestra.

sample: t04 emind.mp3
download: WalterBlanding_2011-05-23_DucDesLombards_ParisFrance.zip

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