May 112016

mikeos, the seeder on dime, included a copy of spike robinson’s obit from the daily telegraph.  i’d not realized that robinson had such a life outside of music, leaving professional music from the late 50’s until 1981:  missle work… project manager at cape canaveral… a management role “at honeywell corporation in denver. the local jazz scene was thriving and he played regularly, but could not travel because of his job.”  so here he is, 10+ years later, back in london.

i’m trying out mega on this post, btw.

spike robinson
bbc studio session
london, uk
12 march 1992

spike robinson, tenor
colin purbrook, piano
dave green, bass
martin drew, drums

1 in lovin’ vein 6:19
2 somerset 8:40
3 for heaven’s sake 7:32
4 honeysuckle rose 6:39
5 a summer thing 6:17
6 embraceable you 8:22
7 falling in love with love 8:18

total time: 52:23

bbc fm radio > teac r2r recorder (@ 7.5 ips) > wave > flac

sample: t05 a summer thing.mp3


  3 Responses to “spike robinson – 12 march 1992, bbc, london uk”

  1. !uLZbhNY-z6tycmcXr_MXPiiyFBsy1X8suhmykLH9xpU

  2. Thanks a lot for this post. I have only just discovered your site….it looks brilliant. I heard Spike many times and he was not only a great musician but a really nice guy.

  3. Many thanks Pete for this excellent post.

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