Apr 292013

i haven’t yet downloaded a show from dime and put it straight up here, but i’m making an exception for this, just seeded by “ksisit” on dime.  i have copies of some much older gato barbieri shows, but this might turn out to be my favorite of the lot!

gato barbieri´s complete reunion feat. enrivo rava
hr sendesaal
33. deutsches jazz-festival
frankfurt, germany
27 oct 2002

gato barbieri ts
enrico rava tp, flh
danilo rea p
rosario bonaccorso b
aldo romano dr

barbieri rava

01 intro 1:15
02 20:49
03 10:33
04 11:29
05 9:53
06 10:00
07 1:14
08 12:46

dig. radio broadcast – wavelab – cd – cdex – tlh – you

sample:  gato barbieri 2002-10-27 t3.mp3

download: Gato_Barbieri_2002-10-27_Frankfurt.zip

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