May 142013

i was listening to this the other day, and it just kept going on and on… every time i said “hmm! what’s this i’ve put on now?” it turned out to be the same show.  i downloaded this from dime (seeded by rillenheini) back in aug-2010, when i was listening to a lot of the eubanks, duane & robin, either together or solo (yes, robin’s in this show also).

duane eubanks sextet
new york city, ny (usa)
1999 (sorry, exact date not known)

duane eubanks (tp), robin eubanks (tb), antonio hart (as), orrin evans (p), reid anderson (b), rodney green (dr)

disc 1 (first set):

01. blues for duane – 12:53
02. dear old stockholm – 19:55
03. can’t wait ’til dawn (w/o as) – 9:07
04. clairvoyance (w/o tb,as) – 10:12
05. taylored by louis – 19:19

disc 2 (second set):

06. i love you (w/o tb,as) – 10:59
07. two and one – 19:41
08. diva black (w/o tb) – 14:56
09. my shining hour (w/o tb,as,p) – 8:18
10. slew footed > the theme – 18:40

lineage: unknown (fm? sbd?) > r-t-r tape or mc > cd (in trade) > nero (flac 8) > hd

sound: a – (tape hiss)!

sample:  t09 my shining hour.mp3


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