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here’s the second of the three shows mentioned.  a little different than the other two, being improvisation and something that you have to listen to (i.e. not for the car, nor over dinner!) but very much worth the time doing so.  if you like improvisation , you might take a look at the improvised music company (it’s from here in ireland); i’ve been to a number of shows they’ve put on, which always have been very good and which mostly i’ve enjoyed.

sidsel endresen & stian westerhus
elbjazz festival
kehrwieder theater
hamburg, germany
28 may 2011

1. guitar+voice improvisation 22:09

sidsel endresen – voc
stian westerhus – guitar, fx, electronics

cover artwork inside

fm recording 44.1khz wav by jpr
sound sample provided in comments section


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sample: endresen+westerhus_2011-05-28_6min_256k_sample.mp3

photo:  photo by svenn sivertssen of sidsel endresen and stian westerhus at nattjazz, 26 may 2011, downloaded from  creative-commons cc by-nc-sa 2.0 license.

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  1. bfdzrdfzrj

    a little break, and the third show will be up later this weekend.

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