May 022022

off travelling again, here’s one of the shows that i brought with me.  a little bit of research reveals this to be “the green street trio with houston person”, according to the jazz fest website.  it’s a great show and one of those audience recordings that really makes you wonder how they do it.  mine seldom come out well at all, and my tomato plants never bear fruit either.  ah, well!

houston person
northampton jazz festival
northampton, ma
7 sept 2013

houston person – tenor
paul arslanian – piano
george kaye – bass
jon fisher – drums

01 do nothing till you hear from me
02 ??
03 violets for your furs ???
04 meditation
05 lester leaps in
06 since i fell for you
07 don’t get around much anymore
08 unknown blues
09 skylark

tt 1:08:13

quality a – from first row audience recording

recorded on zoom

new info file created with additional details per comments on the dime tracker when this was shared in oct 2014


sample: t06 since i fell for you 256k.mp3

photo:  cropped banner image from the northampton jazz festival history page, used without permission.

  3 Responses to “houston person – 7 sept 2013, northampton jazzfest, northampton, ma, usa”

  1. lfkqqqocla

    BIG THX!…

  3. Whadda great idea. Marvellous player, much underrated. Looks great. Arlslanian is an unusual choice for pianist – he’s a great songwriter…

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