May 222022

here’s the last of this week’s three shows, and back to the trumpet with eddie henderson!  and finishing with my favorite of the three shows.  btw, this is not the 2003 album echoes also with henderson & de wilde in a quartet, which is currently on my wishlist.

eddie henderson & laurent de wilde quartet
paris, france
21 december 2012

eddie henderson (trumpet)
laurent de wilde (piano)
darryl hall (double bass)
laurent robin (drums)

01 blue in green 9:00 >
02 well, you needn’t 7:13
03 wilde interview 6:42
04 armageddon 13:26
05 jitterbug waltz 14:03
06 prince of darkness 9:02
07 goodbye 13:58
08 cantaloupe island 8:36 (cut out)

tt 82:00

fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz club, france musique, live
interview by yvan amar

sample: t04 armageddon 256k.mp3
download:  EddieHenderson_Laurent de

photo:  cropped version of an undated, probably stock, photo of eddie henderson, from  used without permission

  8 Responses to “eddie henderson & laurent de wilde quartet – 21 dec 2012, sunside, paris, france”

  1. jjnyerjipp

  2. BIG THX!…

    P.S. go to Dime’s messages you’ll find a link with Eddie’s – Echoes there …ENJOY!

  3. hi Pete
    thanks for sharing!!

    the Echoes album you looking for, you want only in flac format, am I right?

    have a great week

  4. Great concert, thanks very much Pete!

  5. Fantasti!

  6. Thanks Pete, just my cup of tea !!

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