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where has this show been my whole life?  actually, i was listening to eberhard weber, whose music wikipedia describes as “characteristic examples of the ecm records sound” immediately before, and so this came across like a breath of fresh air which was a bit of a surprise as i do like “the ecm sound” if there is such a thing.  i was sure that there was an eddy louiss show up here, but i can’t find it.  just as well ’cause i can post this now.

eddy louiss multicolor feeling
studio 104, maison de la radio
paris, france
june 23, 1983

eddy louiss (organ)
hamid belhocine, jacques bolognesi, jean-marc welch (trombones)
francis cournet, jim cuomo, richard foy, bob garcia, françois pettier, jean-pierre solves (saxophones)
michel peyratout (bass)
abdou m’boup, sydney haddad (percussions)
andré ceccarelli (drums)

01 mix (eddy louiss) 13:19
02 calin cala (eddy louiss) 27:05
03 smoking crab louse (eddy louiss) 13:55
04 trio (eddy louiss) 11:59
05 5/4 (eddy louiss) 24:46
06 samba (eddy louiss) / amazing grace (traditionnal) 15:57


fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcasts : les légendes du jazz, france musique, october 27 & 28, 2018

sample: t04 trio 256k.mp3

  7 Responses to “eddy louiss multicolor feeling – 23 june 1983, studio 104, paris, france”

  1. iwlltlzmvu

  2. LOVE IT!…

  3. Hi Pete, So many persons use the ‘ECM Sound’ description in a negative way, I feel. I don’t know what exactly it refers to – a chamber jazz sound? A dry studio sound? I guess something like that. But if you look at the players on ECM such as Joe Lovano, they’re not exactly either of those things. I love Eberhard Weber and saw him in concert – and he sounded pretty hot, actually! Eddy Louiss, though, is very good, although I have heard him mostly with either Rene Thomas or Michel Petrucciani, excellent in both contexts! Cheers, MonkSpheres

    • yeah, i’m not sure exactly what “the ecm sound” refers to either, but at the same time, i feel as if “i know it when i hear it”. not every group or album or track from motown had “the motown sound”, but it’s a thing. perhaps i just don’t have the vocabulary, not being a musician myself.

  4. Thanks Pete, this should brighten up a dull day !!! Cheers.

  5. I am really enjoying this groovy approach he brings..
    indeed not even close to the ecm sound, which I like most of the times either.
    and yes, there is a ecm sound, as do exists a Blue Note 60’s sound.. and the motown sound, even it’s not in every album and every track..

    anyway, thanks for sharing

  6. Thank you, Pete!

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