May 272021

the two parts of this michel legrand broadcast are very different.  the first being a solo performance of jacque demy’s wistful songs, and the second a much jazzier performance with his quintet.  you might want to split them into two separate folders even, but these are unfortunately just extracts, so neither part would be terribly long.  still they are each super individually, and work together well enough.

michel legrand
france musique studios (1990) & théâtre de boulogne-billancourt (1992)

part 1 :

jacque demy tribute
france musique studios
‘six et demie’, prod. alain lacombe
5 november 1990

michel legrand, piano and vocals

01 intro (tribute to j. demy) 1:28

b.o les demoiselles de rochefort :
02 chantez la vie 2:53
03 la chanson de maxence 2:52
04 la chanson d’andie 2:08

b.o peau d’âne :
05 amour, amour 2:09
06 la chanson du prince 2:31

07 bo les parapluies de cherbourg : ut 2:43
08 thème principal 3:17

part 2 :

michel legrand quintet
théâtre de boulogne-billancourt
paris, france
6 may 1992

michel legrand, piano and vocals
jean-loup longnon, trumpet
denis leloup, trombone
marc-michel le bevillon, bass
andré ceccarelli, drums

09 la valse des lilas 5:50
10 you must believe in spring 6:55
11 what are you doing the rest of your life? 7:18
12 un eté 42 6:29
13 medley (take the a train) 5:23
14 les moulins de mon cœur 6:34

tt 58:30

france musique, 2020 (fm) / pioneer f91 / edirol rh-09r / audacity / xact / flac

samples: t04 la chanson d’andie.mp3  &  t12 un eté 42.mp3
download: Michel Legrand 1990-1992 radio broadcasts,

May 202021

where has this show been my whole life?  actually, i was listening to eberhard weber, whose music wikipedia describes as “characteristic examples of the ecm records sound” immediately before, and so this came across like a breath of fresh air which was a bit of a surprise as i do like “the ecm sound” if there is such a thing.  i was sure that there was an eddy louiss show up here, but i can’t find it.  just as well ’cause i can post this now.

eddy louiss multicolor feeling
studio 104, maison de la radio
paris, france
june 23, 1983

eddy louiss (organ)
hamid belhocine, jacques bolognesi, jean-marc welch (trombones)
francis cournet, jim cuomo, richard foy, bob garcia, françois pettier, jean-pierre solves (saxophones)
michel peyratout (bass)
abdou m’boup, sydney haddad (percussions)
andré ceccarelli (drums)

01 mix (eddy louiss) 13:19
02 calin cala (eddy louiss) 27:05
03 smoking crab louse (eddy louiss) 13:55
04 trio (eddy louiss) 11:59
05 5/4 (eddy louiss) 24:46
06 samba (eddy louiss) / amazing grace (traditionnal) 15:57


fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcasts : les légendes du jazz, france musique, october 27 & 28, 2018

sample: t04 trio 256k.mp3