Feb 022021

this show was not long after, and with the same line up as, hendrika entzian’s album pivot, released in may of that year.  she released another album (her third) marble in april last year, which i also quite liked, and which is a little more upbeat than this more sombre offering.  not sure why i’ve bought marble and not pivot, maybe because it was newer (a change from the “get the oldest first” approach?).  perhaps i should go shopping…

hendrika entzian quartet
darmstadt, germany
6 oct 2017

hendrika entzian – bass
matthew halpin – tenor sax
simon seidl – piano
fabian arends – drums

101 weekdays (entzian) 9:53
102 pivot (entzian) 8:37
103 ¾ rueck (entzian) 10:48
104 sleeping dancer sleep on (wayne shorter) 7:09
105 phasen (entzian) 9:24

201 mare e monte (entzian) 9:19
202 everything all at a time (jakob bro) 6:58
203 peripherique (entzian) 11:17
204 nebel in noerre nebel (entzian) 9:07
205 i fall in love too easily (styne/cahn) 10:32

total time: 1:33:04

lineage: line audio cm3 > sommer cable neutrik nc3 mxx-emc xlr >
zoom h5 with external battery > audacity (editing > flac) > hdd

recording, photo and editing: jaype
seeded ondime 2017-12-03

sample: t102 pivot.mp3
download: HendrikaEntzian_2017-10-06_Stadtkirche_DarmstadtGermany.zip